“As America’s leading manufacturer of barber chairs, I especially thank you for this barbershop edition of your Ready,Set,Go! start-up guide series.

Your books provide the tools and insight for avoiding countless disappointments and
mistakes—many of which can be quite painful and expensive. Your publications should be required reading in every beauty and barber school. I know the books have been years in the making and took a Herculean effort from start to finish. On behalf of
the industry, and the industry’s equipment manufacturers, I say thank you for your
commitment to the industry and congratulations on a job well done.”

Ron Swann
President, Collins Manufacturing Company
Jeffco Salon Equipment LLC

“Barbering is a centuries old practice. The local barbershop carries on the practice and traditions. This start-up guide will start put aspiring barbershop owners and barbers on the road to success by offering invaluable advice from business building tips through equipment and furniture needs, while answering every question in between.”

Sharron Barajas
Associate Marketing Manager
Woody’s Quality Grooming for Men

“The barbershop edition of the Ready, Set, Go! series of books for the hair and beauty industry, by authors Jeff Grissler and Eric Ryant, is absolutely incredible. Jeff and Eric managed to put helpful advice, planning guides, checklists, countless pictures, and inspiration all into one unbelievable book. To sum it up, it’s a blueprint for success in owning a successful barbering business. This book is a must read for current and aspiring barbershop owners! In fact, I think it’s a book that anyone who is working in the barbering industry should read; and, it should be included as part of a new barber’s education. Personally, I’m thrilled that Jeff and Eric chose to focus on the barbering industry and the comeback of the iconic, American barbershop.”

Howard Hafetz
CEO Raylon Corporation

“With the launch of Ready, Set, Go!, Jeff Grissler and Eric Ryant have created a new benchmark publication on how to open and run a successful salon. For the first time in our industry, we have a true “how to” guide that can help a motivated salon professional open a new salon; and for that matter, allow already operating salons to improve their business foundation. A must-read for all existing and future salon owners.”

Patrick Parenty, President
L’Oreal Professional Products

“A little known fact is that a portion of my career was spent as an interior designer of hairdressing salons with clients in England, Scotland and Ireland. In my experience Ready, Set, Go! has left no stone unturned in offering advice to potential salon owners. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this extremely well written book and thank Jeff Grissler and Eric Ryant for ensuring that we know what we are doing before we take the plunge into business.”

Kris Sorbie, President
Kris Sorbie LLC and Redken Education Artistic Director

“As I am reading Ready, Set, Go!, my entire business life went flashing before me! What if…every salon owner had read this book before they opened their salon? What a better place the professional beauty industry would be. Albeit with less salon owners, but for sure, those salon owners would be much better equipped and would have a much higher probability for success. Jeff and Eric have created a primer for all salon professionals. One book, one read, everything you ever wanted to know, and plenty of things you may not want to know about running a successful salon. This book should be on the shelf of every salon in America and quite possibly be a ‘must-read’ for every stylist in the salon, as well!”

Howard Hafetz
CEO, Raylon Corporation

“If you have any intention of opening a salon – Ready, Set, Go! is a must read! Where in the world was Ready, Set, Go! when I needed it? Opening a salon prior to reading Ready, Set, Go! could cost you thousands of dollars! The Facebook quotes from salon owners around the world sharing stories is so real and valuable!”

Chris Baran, GP
Fuel Education Systems