Opening your Hair Salon Startup

hair salon startup interior

Hair Salon startup interior design

Before you run out and actually hang a shingle and announce the opening of your new hair salon startup, you must carefully plan your beauty salon startup business venture. You need to begin by making decisions.

You will have to determine how big you actually want the salon to be, The types of services you will offer, and whether the salon is a full- service with nail care, makeup, and other spa type services.

These added beauty salon services may require finding a larger location and all expenses that go along with that- from beauty equipment and salon furniture to product and staff.

The average hair salon startup in the U. S. is 1200 square feet with six operators. If you add services, it could mean you may need as much as 3000 square feet. Before you invest your time an energy in a new hair or beauty salon startup blindly, always put your vision and financial budget on paper.

In order to fulfill your vision or dream of a new start-up  hair salon, you will need the following new salon startup business checklist.

The Hair Salon Startup Checklist

Money or financial backing- A comprehensive business plan-Conceptual site plan design and new start up salon layout-equipment and furniture evaluation and supplies-budgets , including costs associated with start up, construction, equipment, furniture, and six months to a year’s worth of operating start up cash.

Breaking down your initial start up costs is also important. The amount of money you will need to get started in the salon business and up and running is not an easy task to figure out. Consider these factors: Salon Furniture and equipment costs-Spa Furniture equipment costs-Signage-Phone system-Lighting-Sound system-Display cases-office furniture/stuff-Reception furniture-Initial product purchase-Television/flat screens-washer and dryer and deposits for rent and utilities.

Don’t forget construction costs. How to start up a beauty salon is a task that takes some time to layout and get your numbers within the range your new hair salon startup can afford. Staying on budget is am urgency you cant over look for new business survival.

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