Salon Business: How to Manage a Salon in Good Times and Bad

Salon Business: How to Manage a Salon in Good Times and Bad is the only book in the beauty industry today that guides you through highs and lows with one goal in mind: making money and lots of it! Cut costs, improve marketing and social media, control inventory, hire and fire the right employees and move your salon into the perfect location. No matter what your challenge is—a leaky roof, a lousy landlord, credit cards piling up, salon walk-outs—this book covers it all. Read More

Ready, Set, Go! Salon & Booth Rental Employee Handbook

Finally, a book series that helps cosmetologists find their way on their journey through the business world and personal life! Ready, Set, Go! leaves no stone unturned. These books will teach the new salon professional everything cosmetology school didn’t: how to land a dream job, make savvy business decisions, and deal with customers, relationships, credit cards, cancer, life, death, booze, and yes, even sex. Read More

The Start-Up Guide for Opening, Remodeling, & Running a Successful Beauty Salon

The Start-Up Guide for Opening, Remodeling, & Running a Successful Beauty Salon
Ready, Set, Go! Is the ultimate resource guide for opening, remodeling & running a successful beauty salon. Read More

The Salon Building Bible: Ready-To-Use Floor Plans, Designs and Start-up Costs

Includes all start-up costs and actual floor plans that you can modify to suit your own location broken down to the penny, including: Five-Point Salon Design System, Construction Costs, Furniture & Equipment Costs, and Salon Floor Plans. Read More

How To Offer 5-Star Service At Your Salon

Every successful salon owner understands that top-notch service is critical to business profitability and longevity. In this new edition of the Ready, Set, Go! Beauty Book series, we show you how to differentiate your business by providing 5-star service. We help you understand the fundamentals and true meaning of customer service—what customers want, deserve and expect—and how to win customer loyalty by delivering the ultimate customer experience. Read More

How to Get A J.O.B. in a Salon book cover

Cosmetology School Graduate Book 3: How to Get a J.O.B. in a Salon

If you are a new graduate, cosmetology school teacher, newcomer to the beauty field, or even a salon pro, this book is a must-read. Ready, Set, Go! How to Get a J.O.B. Read More

Hair Salon Guide 1: How to Plan Your New Salon Venture

How To Plan Your New Salon Venture: Finally a start-up guide that helps salon owners to open, remodel, and run a successful salon business! Let this guide book help you visualize, plan and organize the steps needed to start your new salon business venture. Read More

Hair Salon Guide 2: How to Start Your Salon Business

Many of us have the dream to open a salon business but no idea how to actually get started. This start-up guide starts with a new business checklist and takes you on a journey on how to pick the right location, negotiate your lease and find the right legal and accounting team to guide you the rest of the way. Read More

Hair Salon Guide 3: How to Design and Buildout Your Salon Business

The key to opening a profitable salon starts with the design you choose and how you build it. Many small businesses have an idea of a dream salon but no idea how to build it and the cost involved with doing so. This Ready, Set, Go guide book gives you every detail in design and space planning. Cost breakdowns and three separate tiers of salon equipment pricing right down to the penny. Know exactly what it costs to open, design, build and buy your salon equipment. Read More